Jacket: Pink Blush c/o
Top: Walmart
Dress: Ross
Tights: Banana Republic ( old )
Booties: Ebay
Necklace: Bip And Bop





Hello Lovelies!

These are the last pictures taken in 2014. ( Insert sad face here ). As much as I’m so happy to be starting another year, I will miss parts of the old one.

For the first time, when the clock struck 12, I didn’t get a sinking feeling. I used to want to hold onto time. I felt like it was slipping through my fingers. Now, I’m starting to see that time, even though it still marches on at an alarming pace, is not something to hoard, but rather is something to cherish. Every moment is special and should be made the most of. This year, I want to enjoy every day, no matter how mundane.

Instead of making a bunch of resolutions that I would probably break after a month ( who came up with those in the first place anyway? ), I decided to simply enjoy my life and to keep moving forward. Nothing is worse than just sitting stagnate, doing nothing.

One thing I will be doing more of is getting a little more personal on this small corner of the web. I want to be able to connect with all of you, but I can’t do that if I don’t share a bit about myself every now and then. So, hopefully you won’t get tired of my stories and monologues. 😀

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