day in charleston

day in charleston

day in charleston

day in charleston

day in charleston

day in charleston


Hello Lovelies!


This post is a little bit different than my other ones. Stepping away from fashion today to write about my other great loves, food and travel.


A few weekends ago, I decided I wanted to spend a day in Charleston. I had been there multiple times as a kid, and was looking forward to seeing it with adult eyes.

So, I packed up my car, turned on GPS for a local Goodwill and headed down the road. I turned on my tunes and made sure I had plenty of snacks.

After driving for what seemed days, I started to see familiar landmarks. I then entered Charleston city and headed in the direction of the Goodwill. Finally finding it, I went inside and started looking around. First shoes, then furniture, then clothes.


So, got back in my car and headed towards the beach for the photoshoot I had planned. I headed down Folly road, only to be met by a super long line of cars and the normally 10 minute drive my GPS kept telling me, was going to be 30 minutes to an hour.


I pulled my car into a condo parking lot and pulled my phone out. Battery didn’t look good. All the GPS-ing had worn it down.

Great. No car charger.

By this point I was starving and more than a little annoyed that my day in Charleston was going so poorly. So I googled good restaurants in downtown Charleston.

And hit the jackpot.

Only about 3 popped up, but it was the one that advertised homemade soup called Ladles that caught my eye. I like soup and was so tired, I honestly didn’t care if it cost me $20.

Put it into GPS, prayed the battery wouldn’t run out, and started down the road towards downtown Charleston. If you’ve ever ridden over the big bridge, you’ll know what I ‘m talking about, but the view from the top was breathtaking. Even with half the city under construction, it still looked amazing from up there.

My phone directed me down a city street and nearly had me pass the cute, little establishment. I parked and headed inside.

My first thought was how pretty the inside was. The ambiance was perfect for dining. The lady behind the counter was super helpful and friendly when I asked what was good. She directed me to the dairy free soups and sandwiches, since I have a slight dairy allergy. I settled on chicken salad and a bowl of vegetable soup.

Guys, it was amazing! The soups are homemade and they are literally to die for. I;m super picky about vegetable soup because people usually put too much tomato in it. Not this one. Absolutely perfect. And the chicken salad was a nice surprise. I was expecting something sweet and instead it had a tangy, rosemary base. It tasted phenomenal.

After I finished, I knew I had to tell others about this place. So, I asked the owner if it was ok for me to take a few pictures. She was so nice and even put a soup platter together for me to photograph ( pictured above ). It features the favorite soup of the place, Greek Lemon Chicken.

The rest of the day was pretty much unscripted. I crashed a wedding ( just kidding, but I almost did ), literally found a gas station with a charger right before my phone died, and then found the perfect spot for taking my pics. All in all, it was a great day.

So, if you ever have a day in Charleston and you’re in the downtown area, you must check Ladles! They are the best.

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