Hello Lovelies!
  Plaid blanket scarves are literally all the rage right now. And this one from Ruby Caire Boutique has become one of my favorites. It’s super soft, warm and light weight. You can check it out here.
  Today, I thought I would share six ways I like to tie blanket scarves for super cute wear all day.
  1. Triangle.
  This one is so simple. You make a triangle with the scarf, wrap it around your neck, and tuck the ends under.



2. Traditional.

My own chick take on a very old style of scarf. Twist the scarf up a little and throw it over your shoulder. Fluff it out a little to make it look casual.





3. Tuck.

This is such a unique style. I never really thought about doing it until I saw it on Pinterest. Just bunch your scarf up ( like in the previous tutorial ), then tuck with ends into your belt. Fluff each side for fullness.




4. Poncho.

This look os super popular right now. Take your scarf and make the corners lay side by side. Then wrap around your shoulders and go!




5. Hanger.

Similar to the tuck, except you don’t. See what I did there. ( hehe! )




6. Side Shawl.

This one I stole from another blogger ( shhhh! Don’t tell ). I really don’t like the look of a tied scarf in the front. It looks very grannyish. So, this one is a slight twist. Make a triangle with your scarf and then tie it to the side, leaving one arm covered and one exposed. Fluff knot for fullness.






I hope these tutorials were helpful! Let me know in the comments how you like to style your blanket scarves.

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