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Hair healthy Hair healthy Hair healthy Hair healthy Hair healthy Hair healthy Hair healthyHair healthy


Hello Lovelies!


One of the buggiest concerns for me right now is the health of my hair. I always thought growing up that unless you washed your hair everyday with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of every sign of oil, you were a lazy human.

My mom was a stickler for clean hair. If you slightly looked greasy or had any kind of slight smell ( which I will agree is gross ), it was time to wash your hair.

How my thought process has changed.

I couldn’t imagine wishing my hair every single day anymore. that would be s depressing. It’s just too much work to wash and then style everyday for me. No thank you!

So, here are 5 things I do to keep my hair healthy.


1. Keep my hands out of it.

This is one of the killers of clean hair. Constantly running your fingers through your hair adds hand oil through your strands and gives your hair a lifeless, limp look. It will begin to look stringy. Only brush your hair, no fingers!

2. Lots of water.

You wouldn’t think that water has that much of an impact on your hair, but without proper hydration, your body can’t produce sebum, which is the lubricant your body produces to keep your hair healthy and soft. ( This is what we think is oil buildup. It’s actually our head replenishing what it lost when we washed it. )

3. Use proper shampoo.

I don’t care what type of hair you have, you should be using a hydrating shampoo. This will keep your hair balanced and your sebum evenly placed across your head. Dry your scalp out and the head will over produce, which makes your hair look dirtier quicker.

4. Dry shampoo is your friend.

When you start to think your hair is looking a little bit too shiny, and maybe even running people off with a certain odors, then it’s time to break out the dry shampoo. This stuff was such a game a changer for me. I don’t know what I would do without it now.

5. Cover up.

When you do wash your hair ( and I would suggest washing at least once a week; that’s when I wash mine ), afterwards when you are ready to style it, make sure you use a good product to protect your hair from the heat of your dryer of straightener. TheKenra Professional Leave In Luxe cream Kenra Platinum Leave In Luxe cream is such a great styling agent!


These are mundane top five tips for keeping tour hair healthy.  What are some of yours?


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