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It finally happened! Fall got here and I think it’s going to be a good one this year. I’m not sure why, but I just really feel it in my bones. I even have a leaf peak tracker on my phone to tell me when will be the perfect time to run away to the mountains and enjoy some fall foliage.

Yes, I admit it, I am a complete geek. Not really sorry about that.

Anyway, on to the post!

I’m a huge fan of minimalism, so I usually forgo a lot of accessories. However, when I do accessorize, there are typically 5 I stick with every time.


1. Anchor piece

This is the accessory that I sort of plan the outfit around. For this one, it’s this adorable clutch from Violet and Brooks. There is just something so fun and inspiring about graphic bags! And this one just makes you want to smile looking at it. And they have other phrases, if you were looking for something else.


2. Delicate necklace

I typically don’t go in for big, chunky jewelry. I like to keep my necklaces understated and classic. For this one, it’s not going to over power any of the their pieces I am wearing since its so delicate.


3. Statement ring

That being said, I do like a nice statement ring, while at the same time keeping it elegant. The filigree one I am wearing is more of a ring cuff, but you could stack some rings together, or even wear more than one on your hand.


4. Classic watch

If my other accessories are standing out a little, I tend to pick a more muted, neutral watch to match with all the pieces and not cause a huge mixing mess. I also like to mix my metals, with the silver watch and gold necklace and ring.


5. A smile!

I think this is the most important accessory of all. Without a smile, an outfit could have all the accessories and still not look that great. However, if you have a creepy guy on Instagram who responds to your story with the word ‘smile’ when you are clearly being sarcastic in your facial mannerisms, then by all means, DO NOT SMILE. Just kidding. Kind of.


Anyway, what about you? What are some of the accessories you can’t live without?



This post is sponsored by Violet and Brooks, but all opinions are my own. 

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