Hello Lovelies!

When I was a teenager, I used to wear very dark lip pencil and gloss, simply because I didn’t really know any better ( that and I was trying to camouflage my braces ). My lips would be covered in a very dry, cake lip pencil first and then smothered with a sticky gloss on top.

The look was not very flattering. And my lips would dry out like crazy.

Now that I’m a little older ( and I hope smarter ), I try to take care of my lips with hydrating, care giving lip products. I’ve found you don’t have to spend a ton to get great lip care.

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite products that I use all summer long.

1. Lip Balm.
How many of you have tried the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm? I go through a tube of this stuff every month. It smells so nice and feels amazing on. And it has SPF 20 in it, so it’s perfect for the beach.

2. Lip Gloss.
Lip gloss is so fun! I love experimenting with colors and since it’s sheer, I can try all of them ( just not the dark ones ). This one from Cover Girl is the perfect consistency and comes in tons of colors. It’s also perfect for everyday wear.

3. Lipstick/Gloss Combo.
Occasionally, when I have somewhere nice to go, I’ll take a little extra care with my lips and use a lipstick and gloss together for a more polished look. This combo from Clinique is actually two  different products. Since they’re both a neutral shade, they’re not overpowering together.

So, what are your go-to summer lip products?

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