1 top, 3 ways

1 top, 3 ways 1 top, 3 ways 1 top, 3 ways


Hello Lovelies!


Ever look through your closet and think you have nothing to wear? Believe me, I know how you feel. I do it all the time. The trick with clothes is to see the potential outfits the same pieces can make without looking redundant.

When I used to go shopping, I would buy pieces that really weren’t useful and would only be worn a handful of times. The reason for this; I was buying with my head. Now when I go shopping, I tend to look over the item very carefully and think about how many different outfits I could combine it with. I try to buy more staple pieces and less extras. I occasionally indulge, but I try to stick to prudent pieces. This is buying with your wallet. Your saving yourself money down the road.

And speaking of saving money, I love consignment shops. There’s nothing more thrilling to me than getting a great deal on an otherwise expensive piece of clothing. And recently, I discovered a brand new one called Needs A Body. It’s a super affordable consignment shop with excellent quality clothes. The top in the first picture is from Banana Republic and even though it’s used, it’s in practically new condition. I love it!

To see how easy it is to wear one item multiple times, I shared a few flat lay outfits above showing 1 top, 3 ways. This top can be dressed up or down, worn tucked in or out, and can be accessorized or left plain.

The first outfit is casual, everyday wear. You throw this one for shopping or running errands.

The second outfit is a fun lunch with girlfriends or baby shower.

The third outfit is for date night. Fitted blazer with wedges and dark wash jeans jazzes the top up perfectly.


So, which was your favorite ensemble? Leave me a comment below and be sure to check out Needs A Body for some greats deals!

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